Were are unloading a storage unit and hoping for a break in the cold weather. Also changing out items in our home. Its a pile and a big mess right now. This is the tip of the iceberg. Some of the larger items we have been putting on “Market Place” to get them out of the way.

We are hoping to have a March 2019 Garage Sale as soon as a warm weekend is predicted.

Many people that are repeat customers of our garage sales know we always have high end, one of a kind items. Collectables, dishware, glass, guy stuff, home decor, antiques, vintage, and more. Also clothing and odds & ends. It is hard to tell what you might find.

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As always we will be open early and have free coffee and cookies. You will want to definitely make us your first stop. Watch for the Date of our sale!

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Our eBay Store remodeling is almost complete

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LODGE Vintage #10 Legless Dutch Oven

This piece of vintage cast iron cookware was picked up second hand.  Some old cast iron pieces are a thing of beauty to many of us.  Like viewing fine art.

This is a vintage LODGE #10, legless Dutch Oven.  The lid has 3 concentric circle drip rings commonly referred to as “sawtooth” style rings.

As with most vintage cast iron the inside cooking surface is delightfully smooth compared to their modern made counterparts.

This pot/Dutch Oven is in exceptional condition.  This is circa mid 1900’s era.  This piece is valued in excess of $150 depending on the  buyer, and market in which it is sold.

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These two lamps are truly stunning examples of Art Deco, or Art Nouveau.  Lady Figurine Lamps, with etched glass light diffusers that are tastefully curved and etched.

These stand 17 inches high and 15 inches wide.

Both lamps are in good condition.  The glass is beautiful, having peacock feathers etched into the glass.  Giving it a classic Lalique era, style and  appearance.

There is no maker mark/name unless it is under the felt covered bottom.

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