Challah Knife FOR SALE

Vintage Sheffield England

Sterling Silver handle-marked 925

Stainless blade -marked Sheffield England

Judaica Sabbath Challah Bread and Cake knife

Signed and marked
Rare $148.98

Condition: Used, Excellent


Quality and color of the Knife is better than the image depicts

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Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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This tasteful brass Hanukkah Menorah can be described as having the Lions of Judah facing the Decalogue (10 Commandment tablets). The tablets are behind doors that open and close.



Stands 7.5 inches high. 8 Inches wide.

This was an Estate Sale piece that is in excellent condition.

The only markings or indication of origin is on the underside of the base. Stamped, Molded, or Engraved, in block letters MADE IN ISRAEL.

It is believed this is Circa 1960’s.

Valued at $150.00-$175.00

Sold in less than a week once put in the shop!